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The Best Ways to Save Money While Living in Turkey

The Best Ways to Save Money While Living in Turkey

The Best Ways to Save Money While Living in Turkey

If you don’t know how to successfully budget your costs, living in Turkey may be both expensive and fun. The good news is that there are several methods to save money when residing in a rural area, and this article will offer some advice on how to go about doing so.

Shop at Local Markets

Shopping at neighborhood markets rather than big-box stores is one of the finest methods to cut costs when residing in Turkey. Local markets not only offer fresh goods and fruit at significantly reduced costs, but they also offer a distinctive shopping experience and a chance to interact with the neighborhood. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and the Tuesday market in Antalya are two of Turkey’s most well-known markets.

Cook Your Own Meals

Going out to eat may be rather expensive, especially if you do it frequently. Make as many of your own meals as you can to save money. This is not only a healthier choice, but it also enables you to manage your finances and stay away from expensive restaurant meals. Look for sales and discounts while doing your food shopping, and think about buying in bulk to save even more money.

Use Public Transportation

Public transit is a more affordable option than driving or using a cab. It’s not only less expensive, but it’s also better for the environment and offers a special chance to see the city. You can go about using the bus, ferry, and metro systems in Istanbul, for instance, and tickets are not too expensive.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Taking advantage of the many free activities and events available in Turkey is a terrific way to save money while still having a nice time. For instance, you can go to historical and museum sites, stroll through a park, or attend a concert or festival. To optimize your discounts, keep an eye out for regional events and special offers.

Invest in a Good Travel Card

Purchasing a decent travel card might help you save money on transportation costs if you intend to travel inside Turkey. For instance, the IstanbulKart lets you use one card to pay for parking, several tourist sites, and public transit, and you can refill it whenever you need to. Anyone who travels regularly should consider this practical and economical choice.


The cost of living in Turkey might be high, but it need not be. You may save money and make the most of your stay in the nation by using these advice and methods. There are numerous methods to stretch your budget and have a good time in Turkey, including buying at local markets, making your own food, using public transit, participating in free events, and purchasing a travel card.

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