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Can Foreigners Buy Agricultural Land in Turkey

Can Foreigners Buy Agricultural Land in Turkey

Can Foreigners Buy Agricultural Land in Turkey?

Turkey’s agriculture industry is renowned for its diversified landscapes and rich soil. With roots in the Ottoman Empire, the nation has a long history of agriculture and is still one of the top producers of different fruits, vegetables, and cattle. As a result, international investors have been more interested in purchasing agricultural property in Turkey. It’s crucial to comprehend the rules and limitations involved since buying agricultural property in Turkey as a foreigner may be a difficult and complicated procedure.

Legal Framework for Foreign Land Ownership

The ownership of agricultural land by foreign people or businesses is governed by Turkish legislation and the constitution. According to the Constitution, foreign people are not permitted to possess land in Turkey unless it is judged vital for the nation’s growth in a given situation. The law does, however, include an exemption for international firms engaged in agricultural operations and foreign investors in Turkey.

Agricultural Land Investment by Foreign Companies

As long as they have the required licences and permits, foreign businesses are permitted to invest in agricultural land in Turkey. The business must have a local office in Turkey and be registered with the government of that nation. The business must also abide by the Turkish Investment Law, which establishes rules for foreign investment in the nation, as well as the Turkish Agricultural Law, which governs the use of agricultural land.

Agricultural Land Investment by Foreign Individuals

Although there are more limitations on individual ownership than on those of foreign corporations, foreign people can invest in agricultural land in Turkey. A foreigner must first get a residency permit in Turkey before submitting an application for a certificate of eligibility to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The person can move on with buying the land when the certificate has been obtained.


In conclusion, foreign people and businesses are able to purchase agricultural land in Turkey, but certain conditions and guidelines must be met. It’s crucial to get legal and real estate advice from professionals in your area who are familiar with Turkey’s rules and legislation governing foreign ownership of agricultural property. Foreign investors can benefit from the prospects provided by the nation’s agriculture industry and make investments in a promising and expanding market with the correct direction and assistance.

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